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Construction Company VDA Infra was founded in 1963 by H.C. van den Anker (Harry). After a 10 year partnership with his son C.G.W. van den Anker (Chris) H.C. van den Anker resigned in 1999 and the company is continued under the current name VDA Infra. Because of its extended experience and a high service level the company has a good reputation. Setting high quality standards and living up to them, not only in the way of working but also in in the completion of the work performed ( projects), results in high satisfaction among the business relationships.

VDA Infra is ISO en VCA certified and is engaged in civil engineering and culture work. The company is specialized in breaking concrete and asphalt surfaces and making it tension free  with use of the Impactor 2000 and they are very active with this in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

VDA Infra is strongly focused to achieve the highest possible quality and efficiency level for her business relations in order to guarantee the best price-quality relation. 

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