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Reductie CO2 EN

Reductie CO2

As an environmentally conscious company, VDA Infra has chosen TRAXX diesel fuel. TRAXX is a superior quality EN590 diesel (blank or red) that has been specially developed for use in modern diesel engines.

One of the most important characteristics of TRAXX diesel fuel is the reduction of harmful emissions. The official TRAXX Test Report from the fuel supplier shows that VDA Infra with TRAXX can realize the following emission reductions.

Reductie of CO2

For example with a diesel consumption of:50.000 liter
CO2 reduction TRAXX:
(with respect to standard EN590 diesel)
4.638 kg

1 liter of diesel = 2.65 kg of CO2
Source: Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA), EU Cumela Netherlands

Reduction of HC, NOx, CO and PM (soot particles)

TRAXX also has a positive effect on the emissions of HC, NOx, CO and PM (soot particles). These are the emissions measured at the EURO, TIER and STAGE standards for diesel engines.

The ASTM Cummins L-10 IDT test procedures (this is an internationally recognized test procedure to measure the exhaust emissions of diesel engines) show that the following emission reductions are achieved with TRAXX.


Emissiereductie TRAXX-14,6%-1,0%-6,8%-5,1%

HC = Hydrocarbons, NOx = nitrogen oxides, CO = carbon dioxide, PM = soot particles

VDA Infra has also replaced the TL lighting of the office with LED lighting.

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