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Why the Impactor 2000

Max effectiveness, high efficiency

Constructors are continuously focused on reaching the highest possible effectiveness for their projects. The Impactor 2000, designed to achieve unprecedented high productivity, contributes to a large extent to this. The entire working process (from pounding until  included the breaking of the broken concrete into granules) leads with use of the IMPACTOR 2000 to a maximal efficiency. This also counts for the working process with respect to overlaying the battered pavement.

The unique shape of the Impactor 2000 causes a clout of approximately 269.820 kPA on each of the 4 sides of the shaped roll. This combined with the working speed of  approximately 12 km/hour makes the  Impactor 2000 the most effective concrete breaker in the market.

In the first run the Impactor 2000 tears the concrete. Each next run tears the concrete to smaller chunks until a workable size is reached for breaking up, transporting and breaking the pounded material, or until a sufficient tension free concretion is reached so it can be over laid.

At the same time cavities under the concrete or asphalt are washed away and the under layer is compacted.

The foundation remains relatively unchanged by the beating of the de Impactor 2000.


  1. High productivity per day; 20.000 m2 beaching of a concrete layer from approx. 25cm thickness.
  2. Homogenate product: Hardly to not any stagnation with breaking up/breaking. More and better loading of the broken material.
  3. A flat broken surface, so very suitable for use for transport during the work.
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